May 21, 2024


  1. I’m an idiot… well, how could I let myself be persuaded to deposit 5 thousand bucks? (My wife and I were saving for our own apartment, and now, when she found out that these scammers threw me all my savings, she packed up and left(

  2. After working with the broker for about a week, I can officially conclude that all the good reviews about them are paid for, or written by the company’s employees themselves. Finpro looks too much like a one-day office, which will close tomorrow or the day after with all the funds of users. And of herself, she is nothing more than a dummy, a parody of a broker. I am sure that even the quotes are fake, sharpened so that the trader believes in his luck and puts more money.

  3. I strongly advise you not to trust this intermediary with a dubious reputation. It is enough to look for reviews on the Internet – former Finpro clients all vied with each other complaining about the inability to withdraw their money. I really don’t know if the office was originally engaged in a divorce of naive traders or lately there have been some problems, but at this stage I definitely don’t advise registering and investing money

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