May 18, 2024

5 thoughts on “Kraken Review

  1. Kraken is bs. There reply r generated. The 24/7 is a lie. I would not suggest to anyone this company. They had my money with a hold on it and will not tell me why. No o e available. If I was in Cali I would visit their office. And get my money

  2. Lately kraken has been a 2 star rating because of their down time and SLOW SUPPORT TEAM. they have to speed their finance support team. I started with them going on 1 year now, and you would think my deposits would brle in my account in 3 days Max. But no

  3. Wouldnt know my first crypto transefer lost by kraken i lost 40$ worth of bitcoin on a test deposit from another account,no answer from customer service and waited over an hour to talk to someone with no answer

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