December 2, 2023

5 thoughts on “Kraken Review

  1. I’ve moved $43 to my Binance account only to have $18 it doesnt show you fee when transferring. Scam company should of expected it. Don’t sign up, Better alternatives are Binance or

  2. Kraken’s fees are on the low side and they are generally well run. They have solid VC backing and for the most part I think they are trustworthy.

  3. If I say I am disappointed that will just be an understatement, I was made to go through hell in the past 6 months I tried everything I could to get my money back, but they will not let me take it out. I got tired of trying myself so I decided to bring in a company that was introduced to me by a friend and they were able to help me get my money back. You can google them to check them out, If you find yourself in situation you couldn’t withdraw your funds or wallet issues.

  4. Scammer site, Don’t even bother putting any $ into it, support is completely useless, they have no idea about what they’re talking about, they’re changing rules about referrals every single day without informing you, so you can’t ever complete it, worst crypto site experience in my entire life

  5. It was a terrible experience for me, they asked me to invest more because the first payout made it look real, the agent pressured that I put in more money and they locked me out afterward. I lost my mind for two weeks, almost depressed. I reported to REimburse SOlutions and they helped in getting all my money back, they saved me from depression.

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