December 2, 2023

11 thoughts on “HitBTC Review

  1. Why even claim to offer customer support? There is no customer support!
    I made a token deposit into hitBTC that was never credited to my account. Over a two week period I sent numerous emails, opened several support tickets with complete documentation and irrefutable evidence of the transaction and always got the same response…NOTHING!

  2. Once i got an answer it was smooth sailing from there, fast response and accurate info they provided me. They solved my 2FA problem.
    There was only one problem and that is the wait time (+-3 months) but don’t be mad at an understaffed support team.
    Thank you for your service.

  3. Very slow service. But I have to say that when you got to it you solved it straight away. My account verification is still pending. It has been months since I raised it.

  4. Takes to long to recover your account, Support it´s really low and poor. Besides that, when you wanna buy coins there, for many of them, you have a minimum to purchase and that´s bad.

  5. The BTC that I lost for several months has not been recovered by me so far. It is an exchange that is very rubbish.

  6. support has locked my 20 ethereum for more than 20 days without any prior notifications for aml/ky. It is unacceptable for an exchange that makes milions from fees to do that kind of things to people like me that have all their crypto invested money deposited to them in order to trade. solve my ticket, at least start to be a good exchange from now and onwards….

    TICKET Request #317966

  7. I would like to give 5 stars for HitBTCs exchange site performance and fees. It is fast.

    However, the security is so high that if problems arise, such as Google Authenticator “changing”, you must:

    1. Know what a “hash” is.
    2. Know where to find it.
    3. Along with other details.

    If you don’t know, you are in for a ride that will bring out the paranoid in you, as you try to access money that is yours. Googling this brings out posts of the others that have gone through this, making a customer even more paranoid.

    In the end, I do trust them to be honest. However, I have now left the exchange because I am afraid Google Authenticator might “glitch” again.

    I believe they need more technical support staff as well.

  8. 2FA authenticator security..
    Have been battling for the above issue till today no solution..
    I deposited my TCN and managed to exchange to Bitcoin..
    Now I tried to withdraw to my blickchain account was blocked..
    Am very skeptical with this exchanger.
    I am sensing danger with this exchanger.
    Bad service indeed..

  9. Since 6/19/2018 I have been hacked 2 times
    6/19/2018 they stole $1463
    6/23/2018 they stole all usdt except for $9.0
    I’ve made 3 reports
    I have changed my password for HITBTC and Gmail
    The second time there are no report history
    You have a serious problem
    Someone inside the exchange is STEALING!
    Don Burroughs

  10. Poor follow up – was told they would respond to me within a certain time frame, havent heard back. Support wasn’t focused on finding solutions but merely just responding for the sake of responding.

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