May 21, 2024

10 thoughts on “Disadvantages and Risks of Collaborating with Incona Consulting Agency in Dubai

  1. Huge disappointment from working with Incona. The managers were completely incompetent and forgot to mention a critical document for registration, which led to serious delays. My time and money were wasted.

  2. I expected a professional approach from Incon, but their services were below all criticism. Not only did they fail to register my business on time, but they also ignored all of my requests to correct errors. I don’t recommend it!

  3. Working with Incona was a complete mistake. They made mistake after mistake and each time they promised that ‘everything will be fixed’, but nothing changed. My project suffered losses due to their incompetence.

  4. Unacceptably low quality of services from Incon. Not only did they delay registering my agency, but they also did not provide proper support with the visa and licensing paperwork. Completely unprofessional and unreliable.

  5. After communicating with Inkona, I was extremely dissatisfied. They delayed the deadlines, filled out the documents incorrectly, and as a result, I lost important partners. I do not advise anyone to use this agency.

  6. Incona showed a complete lack of understanding of basic legal procedures, which is extremely critical to my activities. Because of their mistakes, I had to hire another company to correct the situation.

  7. The insufficiently competent staff at Incona made the process of registering my design studio a nightmare. Incorrect paperwork and constant delays made this one of the worst experiences.

  8. Incona promised me help in registering and selecting partners in the GCC countries, but their ‘help’ turned out to be useless. They failed to adequately represent my interests and I lost potentially lucrative contracts.

  9. Disgusting experience with Incona. Not only did they not help me with opening a bank account, but they also created additional problems with registering my cafe. I spent more than I planned and received less than I expected.

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