February 24, 2024

106 thoughts on “Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches Reviews

  1. I want to thank the whole team for their help in purchasing a car from an auction in Europe. Why from an auction? Most importantly, you get real mileage and condition according to the auction list, for adequate money, and not the rubbish in 95% of cases that is sold on the domestic market.

  2. I, like everyone else, was sent a photo of my purchased car ready for shipment. I checked all the documents so that the car was bought in my name, paid the balance and that’s it, now I’m waiting for the car to arrive in Qatar.

  3. Hi all. I bought myself a Land Rover Range Rover 2023. In general, the total cost of the car turned out to be 110,000 €, including all commissions, delivery. And with the conclusion of the contract with the company and until the moment when I got behind the wheel, about two and a half weeks passed.

  4. I am very pleased with the work with the company, the only thing I regret is that when I bought the first car, I did not contact them.

  5. Before loading onto the ship, I paid the entire cost of the car. 4 weeks later the car was in Jeddah and I got it with all the documents. The machine is very satisfied!

  6. I contacted via telegram, signed a contract and I paid an advance for the purchase of a car. All on time, reasonable price. I bought a Mercedes-Benz S350 for 75.000 Euro. I fully paid for the car before loading onto a container ship, I was provided with all transport documents.

  7. I made a contribution for the purchase of a car a third of the price of the car and already paid the rest as the car was loaded for shipment to my city

  8. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the company and the entire team for the services rendered to us! Thank you!!! Good luck and success to you!!!

  9. There were no delays or problems from the company. Auto received 4 weeks after purchase at auction. They sent a photo of my purchased car, transport documents! Before sending to Abu Dhabi, he made the final settlement.

  10. I want to thank the whole team. Professionals work, everything is honest and transparent! To everyone who doubts, discard all doubts and choose this company (tested on yourself).

  11. After selling the old car, they decided to buy a new car through auctions in Europe. Reading reviews about this company, there were no negative ones, only praise and gratitude. Payment for the car at the auction, and waiting for the arrival of the ship in Jebel Ali for about 4 weeks. To buy a car, I paid 30% of the cost, as the car was bought (they sent me all the transport documents, a photo report), I paid the rest for the car upon shipment from the port.

  12. Bought Mercedes-Benz G400 2022 with 2100km mileage. through this company, the car cost 70,000 euros. All cost has been paid before shipping to Dubai.

  13. I paid an advance payment of only 30%, the rest of the amount upon loading the car onto the ship and sending it to me. This week the car came, the condition is super! I can recommend!

  14. 17.02 loading on the ship and forward to Saudi Arabia! On 03.03 I already received a car from a container ship in the port of Jeddah. Managed pretty quickly. The car came exactly as described when buying in Europe.

  15. There are no cons. Well, you have to wait for delivery from Europe. But it is better to wait 4 weeks and drive a great car, where I am the first owner, than it is not clear what to take from hand.

  16. Only the most pleasant impressions remained from the company – they work clearly, they explain everything clearly, they send detailed photos and descriptions of the machine! I liked everything, thanks to the company!

  17. The company did an excellent job with the delivery of the car from Europe and everything went very smoothly. I received the car in perfect condition, exactly as described at the auction.

  18. The payment process was very convenient and safe – I paid an advance of 30% immediately after the purchase, and paid the remaining amount after receiving the transport documents for my car and loading onto the ship.

  19. From the day the contract was concluded with the company and until the moment when I got behind the wheel of my purchased car, about two and a half weeks passed. I recommend!

  20. After an inspection in a specialized service station, I was once again convinced of the correctness of my decision to order a car at an auction.

  21. So I waited, on March 1 I took the Mercedes-Benz C300 2023. The next day I registered it. I recommend the company.

  22. Very good work, everything is competent, fast with care for the client. We have already bought two cars, and each time we were very satisfied. I recommend it to anyone who has doubts!

  23. With the help of this company, I bought a car from an auction in Europe, 4 months have passed and I have not regretted it.

  24. Hi all. Once again I want to thank you for your help in purchasing a car (now for my wife). Like the first purchase, everything went great! If I applied to this company for the second time, it says a lot. Professionalism and honesty.

  25. I bought a Mercedes G63,2020. I found them quite by accident, until the end there were doubts) the manager is always in touch, always answered all questions. Picked up my car today, very happy with my purchase.

  26. I found a variant that suits me in three days, for delivery another 4 weeks. They took care of all the paperwork and didn’t have a headache. Came, put on record and ride.

  27. I am very pleased with the purchase. Satisfied with the efficiency of the company. We coped with the task. Before loading onto the ship and sending it to me, I paid the remaining amount for my car!

  28. I saw a Mercedes-Benz EQC400 car on their website, the mileage was 1510km. Decided to make a purchase. Remotely signed a contract for redemption and delivery to Dubai. Paid 20.000€ of the cost of the car and delivery in the amount of 2500€. Happy with the car!

  29. The quality of the car is the most important part, otherwise there is no point in buying at all. For yourself and your family only the best and dearest. There is no point in saving on security. Moreover, there is an option to take premium cars for sane money.

  30. I received the car, while everyone is happy, for a couple of months it did not show any minuses. I paid USDT, it turned out to be even more profitable for me.

  31. I bought a Rolls-Royce Wraith, 2020, 6.7 Petrol for 154,000 euros. Great car prices. Satisfied with the car!

  32. Remotely executed the contract, other documents and paid the first installment (30% of the cost of the car). At the auction Mercedes G63 was bought for 95000€. The remaining amount was paid before loading onto a container ship and sending it to me. I have had the car for 4 weeks. Glad to cooperate.

  33. There was a delay of about a couple of days with the delivery, in general, it’s not terrible. It used to happen when buying in the salon waited longer))

  34. Satisfied with the quality of cooperation. I put a well-deserved five for the service and I can advise the company to everyone.

  35. The detailed description of the car at the auction fully corresponded to its real condition. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed.

  36. Bought a car at an auction with the help of a company. Everything went smoothly and promptly. Signed a remote contract, paid for my car and received

  37. Once the car was purchased, it was ready for shipment. I made the full payment of the remaining amount, after which the car was sent to me by ship. I appreciated the professional and responsible approach of the company to this process.

  38. I use the services of this company not for the first time, it is a pleasure to work with them. Everything is clear, reliable, calm without straining. I understood well what an auction is. Always in touch and escorted to the window at customs. I recommend!

  39. Everything was organized perfectly, and prompt communication allowed me to keep abreast of every stage of the delivery.

  40. Interested in auctions and thus stumbled upon these guys. They work legally, cars are from Europe, and based on the declared characteristics, buying is really profitable. Decided not immediately, but decided! The contract was signed remotely. The advance payment was made in the amount of 30% and the rest of the amount – after the purchase and sending the car to the port.

  41. Going to their website, I saw that there is a very large selection and great prices for cars. I chose and bought myself a 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS53 in installments. I signed an installment agreement for a year at 3% per annum. The advance payment was 40% of the car.

  42. Many thanks to your team for buying and sending the car to Saudi Arabia. I paid for the car for the auction with a SWIFT payment – 30% of the car’s value, before sending me the remaining amount. Registered. Happy with everything

  43. I remotely signed a contract with this company and made payment via SWIFT transfer to purchase a Ferrari GTC4Lusso. The car was bought at the auction within just 3 days, and after 28 days, it was already delivered to SAUDI ARABIA on a container ship.

  44. This company was recommended to me by my business partners, and I haven’t regretted my choice. I paid a 30% down payment for the car and settled the remaining amount before it was loaded onto the ship. I received all the necessary documents for transporting the car from Europe to Egypt.

  45. I purchased a Porsche Panamera through this company and I’m satisfied. The car was delivered to me in Abu Dhabi within just 25 days.

  46. Purchasing my new BMW at the auction left me super satisfied! Thanks to the high professionalism of the company, I easily acquired and received my car. The service is top-notch!

  47. I also purchased a MERCEDES-BENZ SL63, a 2023 model with a 4.0 BENZIN engine. Including the cost of the car, delivery, and auction fees, the total amount was 133,000 euros. I am impressed with the company’s quality of work. The delivery was organized very quickly – only 22 days to Paris.

  48. The transport documents for my car were presented before it was loaded onto the ship. I could accurately determine the payment and be confident in my choice.

  49. I am happy to tell you about my positive experience when buying a car at an auction. I paid an advance payment of 30% of the cost of the car, and when the car was purchased, the company prepared it for shipment to me. I paid the rest of the car and the company promptly sent it to me by ship. Everything went smoothly and without problems and I received my car in perfect condition.

  50. The car was delivered quickly, as promised. Everything is done according to the contract. I really liked that it is redeemed immediately for the future owner. I am very glad!

  51. I chose the SWIFT transfer option and was able to pay for the car without any problems. I paid an advance payment of 30% of the cost of the car and paid the rest before sending the car to Spain.

  52. Based on my positive experience, I strongly recommend this company to anyone looking for a reliable partner for car purchases. They offer professional service, speed, and attention to detail.

  53. I read reviews about them, watched YouTube (this partly also played in favor of the decision to choose them – because you trust a person more when you have the opportunity to see in advance in this format how the company works, how what is happening). At the end of the cooperation, I was satisfied!

  54. Bought a 2022 Mercedes-Benz E 63. On petrol, mileage 5000km. Options maximum, comfortable lounge, plenty of space. A full package of documents was handed over along with the car. Price 70000€

  55. I talked with the manager, discussed everything, thought for a couple of days and concluded a contract for the supply from another country. The price turned out to be cheaper, although I still had to wait a bit. But in 4 weeks, the Porsche Cayenne was already in front of my house. I did not find any cons in the work.

  56. Mercedes-Benz E63, in the condition of a new car, with tinted windows and protective body coating. I signed the contract, paid 30% of the cost, and after 25 days, I already picked up the car at the port of Jeddah!

  57. Delivered exactly on time, the appearance is exactly the same as in the photo, all the characteristics are the same, I personally was satisfied. Once again, thank you for the beneficial cooperation!

  58. Anyone who decides to buy a car not in the United Arab Emirates, I recommend contacting them for support in buying a car.

  59. I bought it in installments at 3% per year. For this, I paid a down payment of 40%. Bought a Land Rover Range Rover Sport.

  60. The company has been transporting cars for several years. Bought an Audi SQ7 2022, 4.0, the condition of the car is excellent, with their help.

  61. These guys are professionals, and most importantly, they quickly perform their work, paying close attention to all questions. With such employees, the company will undoubtedly become a leader among companies importing cars from Europe. Thanks again. I highly recommend this company; everything is open and honest.

  62. Even during the selection stage, they helped me a lot in making decisions, and they are always in touch, answering all questions and explaining everything clearly.

  63. Buying a car at the auction went smoothly. I made the payment through a SWIFT transfer myself. The company demonstrated professionalism and provided all the necessary assistance in this process. The transaction was safe and transparent.

  64. Signed a remote contract for the purchase of a car at an auction. The company was professional and organized all stages of the transaction. Paid an advance payment and after buying a car paid the remaining amount. Thanks for the great service!

  65. A very decent company, I knew for each payment where and for what I pay, the money is sent to the auction personally. I recommend the company! Well done!

  66. Delivery time was set at 27 days. I was pleasantly surprised when my car was delivered on time. The port services provided excellent support and helped me pick up my car at the port without any problems.

  67. Just signed a contract last week. Considered that it is more profitable to take through this company than directly in the showroom. So my thanks for such prices and conditions.

  68. It’s a top-notch European company. Everything is in accordance with the conditions specified in the contract. They never deceived me, neither in terms of price nor delivery times. Highly recommend.

  69. Excellent service!!! They exported the car from an auction in Europe and delivered it to the port for loading. Highly recommend!

  70. The service of this company in the international car delivery field is professional. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of service.

  71. 2022 Porsche Taycan with 1270km. bought at a company for 86 thousand euros. I paid 30% of the cost for buying a car by contact, I paid the rest before loading onto a ship and sending me to the port of Jeddah. Very happy with the condition.

  72. I want to mention that I’m completely satisfied with the car I purchased from the company. It exceeded all my expectations with its elegant design, advanced technology, and unparalleled comfort. Using the car has become a true pleasure for me.

  73. Our family bought and had a car delivered through the company. We had to wait longer than planned. They said the ports were busy. But despite that, the car is superb. The price is great, and the quality is even better than in the photos. If you want a good car for a small price, this is the place to go 🙂

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