July 15, 2024

3 thoughts on “WSCSTOCKS REVIEW

  1. I decided to register on WSCStocks solely because of the low entry threshold. I do not want to lose a large amount in case of failure, so I started with $150. And it’s good that I played it safe and didn’t transfer a larger amount, because with such bestial conditions and a non-working program, I absolutely don’t want to stay here! I really don’t want to deal with such amateurs, but it’s impossible to terminate the relationship ahead of schedule, they squeezed my money and don’t want to give it back

  2. I warn you, don’t repeat my mistake. The swindlers contacted me themselves, although I had never been interested in trading before. They wrote in Odnoklassniki, they promised to help well if I join the project. I decided not immediately, but they managed to convince me. I transferred 2000 bucks, at that time my last money, but almost immediately after the transaction I was blacklisted, and my WSCStocks account was banned

  3. a pretty good platform where you can really make money if you have at least an initial idea of ​​​​online trading. Without experience, I still do not advise to meddle. but if you learn, then nothing will prevent you from getting a stable profit. a lot depends on the plan, but even in the initial terminal it is stable, and quotes are updated on time.

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