May 18, 2024

3 thoughts on “WS Markets Review

  1. Now I have already understood that everyone who writes that WS Markets is a scam is 100% right. At first I thought that these reviews were bought, so I did not attach any importance to them, but now I understand that this is really a hole! THE MOST REAL HOLE!!!! I wanted to earn money, but it turns out that I gave them everything I had. As a result, I was left with nothing, and all the money that I bought for so long flew straight into the pockets of the scammers.

  2. My advice to you: don’t mess with WS Markets! These are crooks. I should have listened to a friend who spoke about this from the very beginning, but I did not listen and was left with nothing.

  3. I also believed these thieves ((((((and I always take a balanced approach to some business, and here I also talked with support for a long time, found out all the nuances and only after that I started working on the platform. And when they realized that I had nothing more to contribute I won’t, they blocked me.Well, the money was also leaked along the way, as they do.

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