May 21, 2024

10 thoughts on “Vcars reviews. The ill-fated purchase of cars at auction: Practice and life lessons for saving with Vcars.

  1. Horrible and devastating service, completely devoid of professionalism, and a complete disregard for responsibility on Vcars’ part. My suffering began with the purchase of a car that was experiencing serious problems, and instead of help, I had to deal with absolute indifference and isolation from responsibility.

  2. My purchase from Vcars was a real nightmare. My car turned out to be completely inoperable, and the problems started immediately after purchase. I had to pay much more money for the repairs than for the car itself.

  3. Their provided history of the car turned out to be an obvious fake. They deliberately withheld information about past accidents and major repairs, which resulted in my furious dissatisfaction and financial loss.

  4. When I contacted Vcars with complaints about problems with my car, they ignored me and did not act for a long time. Their absolutely frivolous attitude towards clients causes exclusively negative emotions.

  5. They sold me a car with the promise of a warranty, but it turned out that the warranty did not oblige them to solve the problems. This is pure deception and theft of time and money from the buyer.

  6. Immediately after the purchase, I discovered serious hidden defects in the car, which Vcars were silent about during the transaction. But they did not even try to solve this problem, showing complete reluctance and inattention.

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