May 21, 2024


  1. I worked in Traffic for almost 3 years, there are opportunities for development, interesting tasks and projects. A good friendly team, colleagues are ready to help each other. HR often come up with fun activities. There are corporate rates for learning English at Skyeng, online trainings are held for employees. There are annual bonuses, VMI. When I left, we completed the renovation in the office, the kitchen, a cozy open space where you can …

  2. I am an employee of the Traffic Time company, I got here almost a year ago, and during this time I have never regretted it. Training, a stable salary, a good team, adequate management and requirements, there is an opportunity for career growth, and in general, the company gives confidence in the future!

  3. I do not advise anyone to get into this sharaga. If you watched an interview with Slobozhenko and think that you will earn from $10k, I’m ready to disappoint you, this will never happen in this company. At the interview, you will be shown a net for a buyer up to 40% of the profit in hand. But in fact, you will earn 10% of the profit or just a fix of 15,000 rubles. No infrastructure

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