December 2, 2023

3 thoughts on “Tradentk Review

  1. CAREFULLY! DECEPTION! There are no real trades on the Business Solutions trading platform, scammers paint on charts, create a show, at some point you will be told to collect money and deposit several thousand dollars to play big. Such a big game will end in a big failure.

  2. Another fraudulent project – the site cannot be trusted. Fraudsters will not let you withdraw money from this Business Solutions platform. But sometimes, in order to carry out a greater deception, the client is given the opportunity to withdraw a small amount of money in order to receive a large investment later. After the divorce, they begin to threaten that they themselves will sue you, and they begin to blackmail you into new investments (they use psychological tricks to deceive).

  3. Forex scammers from Business Solutions at swindle large sums of money from their clients. Broker Business Solutions is on the black list, scammers are looking for people through social networks, making phone calls, trying to find a fool who will entrust them with tens of thousands of rubles, believing in promises over the phone.

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