April 21, 2024

2 thoughts on “Trade245 Review

  1. If I could give this forex broker a negative rating, I would. My journey with them has been a saga of disappointment and deceit. Their platform’s performance is suspiciously convenient – it crashes when your trades are favorable and miraculously recovers when you’re on the losing end. It’s like they have a team of trolls manipulating your trades behind the scenes. Their ‘support’ is an oxymoron; they’re more interested in deflecting blame and avoiding responsibility than actually helping you. And when you finally gather the strength to withdraw your remaining funds, be prepared for a Kafkaesque ordeal of paperwork, excuses, and delays. Save yourself the anguish and financial ruin by steering clear of this broker. They’re masters at turning dreams into nightmares.

  2. I signed up with this forex broker hoping for a legitimate shot at trading success. Little did I know that I was stepping into a den of vipers. Their platform is rigged in ways that defy logic – trades that should have been winners end up as losers due to suspicious slippage and sudden spikes in spreads. Their customer support is like talking to a brick wall; they’re adept at ignoring your complaints and concerns. But the cherry on top is their withdrawal process, a torturous journey through bureaucratic hurdles, where your hard-earned money seemingly evaporates before your eyes. Avoid this broker if you value your sanity and finances.

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