May 18, 2024

2 thoughts on “Topeu Review

  1. I have been scammed by Topeu. the broker is fake, everything he says is a lie. The affiliate program does not work, you bring people, fulfill all their conditions, but you are not provided with any bonuses or incentives. Bonuses are awarded selectively. I was charged only 15 euros for the entire time of work. That’s funny. All my 800 euros are blocked for unknown reasons. Of course, these scum deny that they froze my account and drained the money a long time ago, but all the time they tell me that I need to wait for the system to reboot. I’ve been waiting for over a month now. don’t get fooled.

  2. Help me please! Who has already dealt with Topeu, how did you collect money? I want to close my account, but they won’t let me. All my applications just hang like a dead weight, money is not withdrawn, the support is silent. Even my manager disappeared somewhere. I’m afraid I won’t get my money back. The worst thing is that exactly before I applied to close the account, everything was fine. I had 1432 euros on my balance, I was ready to withdraw 1400, but they immediately refused me and then the swing began. I can’t achieve anything at all. What to do? This scam will deprive me of all my savings.

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