May 18, 2024

3 thoughts on “SDR CAPITAL REVIEW

  1. in my memory, this is the first broker who really does not give a damn about the conditions and comfort of their traders. The administration listens carefully to your wishes, pays maximum attention. and the trading conditions themselves are quite favorable, it is not difficult to raise a profit, the main thing is to figure out the algorithms of work so that everything does not go wrong, and you will be happy.

  2. I do not recommend that you contact this basement office with fake registration. Previously, I did not know how to evaluate the reliability of a dealing center, so I contacted the first one I came across. By the will of fate, this most inappropriate option turned out to be SDR Capital, which lured with beautiful promises. They defrauded me of $2,500, promised bonuses, but they never came. At the same time, I can’t even withdraw my money, because a bunch of additional, not entirely clear nuances have not been observed. They just appropriated all the capital for themselves. Amazing…

  3. My cooperation with this non-good broker ended in the loss of 5000 bucks. Now I understand that it was not worth starting with such a large amount, it was necessary to first check the solvency of the intermediary, and then think about the financial side of the issue, I was in a hurry. And now it turns out that nothing can be cashed out from the platform, neither profit nor deposit can be withdrawn

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