May 21, 2024


  1. I really don’t know what audience the service of this office is designed for, but their project can hardly be called adequate. To say that for beginners, the commissions are simply unbearable, so much is charged for each order that the profit overlaps. If for specialists who have invested more, then the terminal still leaves much to be desired. A useless agent, to be honest. Ronin Limited will definitely not last long on the market. And my 2000 bucks that I invested, I had to give them as a gift because of their unwillingness to pay out the funds

  2. I have never regretted that I chose this intermediary. it has a lot of advantages over competitors, here you have the most reliable program, it works quickly, it doesn’t fail, and the prices are adequate, once again they don’t squeeze your throat with commissions. all conditions for the realization of trading ambitions. support will answer any questions, but they should not arise, everything is clear anyway.

  3. We have seen intermediaries and more reliable, because there are too many controversial points. For example, Ronin Limited for some reason selectively approves applications for cashing out profits to users. The vast majority of traders are left with nothing for the fact that they “didn’t come out” or for other reasons. How can such conditions suit anyone? Personally, I transferred $ 1,000 for work and did not wait for any exhaust. Better to keep the money…

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