May 18, 2024

3 thoughts on “RAYFIN CORP Review

  1. chose an intermediary mainly because of the low entry threshold, $ 150 can be mastered by anyone and will not suffer much if lost. but I stumbled upon a goldmine! advanced experts work here who help ordinary traders for free, so it’s much easier to make money than with other offices) so I think I’m very lucky that I started here)

  2. I had to say goodbye to the previous intermediary due to unpleasant restrictions on the amount of weekly withdrawals. And damn the day I decided to move to Rayfin Corp. I invested 3000 bucks, it should have been quite enough for overclocking, but it turns out that these swindlers did not plan to pay me anything, only to beg for money further. Under the guise of various bonuses and buns, add. Opportunities persuaded to throw more, but I did not agree. For this, my account was deactivated and all the money was left to themselves.

  3. It was not worth trusting your capital to the first counter office that seemed reliable. All this can be a screen that attackers skillfully use to deceive an inexperienced contingent of dreamy traders. I started with $1,000, a small sum, but it still became unpleasant when they refused to pay me my own contribution. Now I will think several times before transferring money to an agent

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