February 24, 2024

10 thoughts on “Radisson Garage reviews. Radisson Garage: How to avoid risks when choosing an intermediary to buy a car at auction.

  1. We spent a significant amount of money on a car selected through Radisson Garage and instead of a reliable car we received a drowned one. The company takes full responsibility for this negative experience.

  2. Radisson Garage deceived us and provided us with a car that was seriously damaged and then refused to help us repair it. This is far from professional and dishonest behavior.

  3. The experience of working with Radisson Garage was a real nightmare! Not only was the car they provided in terrible condition, but the company showed no willingness to take responsibility for their actions.

  4. Radisson Garage must take full responsibility for selling vehicles with serious hidden problems. They have neglected the interests of clients and are not ready to solve the problems that they themselves created.

  5. I recommend avoiding Radisson Garage! They are not serious and dishonest in their promises. Our ordered car turned out to be completely faulty and the company does not respond to our complaints.

  6. Collaboration with Radisson Garage was a complete disappointment! They promised us a reliable car, but in the end they gave us a drowned car and refused to help us with any problems that arose.

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