December 7, 2023

2 thoughts on “Monecor Limited Review

  1. FAGS!!!! Account blocked!!! Account No. 743291. In the evening we talked about withdrawal fees, I was “advised” several times not to withdraw. In the morning, the account was reset to zero! The phone does not answer, by mail without just writing! Just a scammer!!!! Freaks!!!!

  2. Unfortunately, my first experience with a broker happened precisely with Monecor (((They didn’t really teach me anything, the manager just told me which deals to open. I deposited $ 500 and lost half already in the first 2 days. Then I refused the manager’s help, watched a lot of videos on different sites, I started trading myself. After a week or two, I recaptured the deposit and decided that it was not mine and I needed to withdraw the money. But they simply didn’t let me do this ((They asked for documents, it took a few days to get them approved. Then I filed an application for withdrawal for which the commission was withdrawn. And then the money was taken from the account and they didn’t enter my card. I don’t know how it happened, I entered all the details correctly. Their technical support didn’t explain anything to me, they said that the money was gone and this is no longer their problem If you know how to return the money, please help!

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