May 18, 2024

3 thoughts on “Monecor Limited Review

  1. Scammers!!!! They do not return profits and money that they invested !!! They hang up some kind of loan, you earn money on it, and then they extort loan funds, supposedly then you can withdraw your own !!!! Deception of pure water !!!!!

  2. This is a fake broker, they called me and offered to trade with them. I immediately started punching! In the end, I realized that this is a scam! Stay away from these clowns.

  3. After browsing their website, it is clear that they are not subject to any regulatory agency. This is a serious red flag!! This should be enough to keep you from investing in them. And they also work with websites offering “Auto Trading Software” which is another red flag as these kind of websites are known for scams.

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