December 6, 2023

5 thoughts on “Medco Finance Limited Review

  1. FRAUD! In one word! They promise you millions and will tell you “how does the future millionaire feel”. Just to deposit more money! To withdraw money from your Medco account, you need to deposit the same value into your account, e.g. Revo… (this is one of the withdrawal options) to make a “mirror money transfer” (after talking to Revo… this method of transfer is considered money laundering” So once you’ve deposited all your savings into your Medco finance limited uk account (and that’s what hungry experts are asking you to do), you’ll have nothing on your account and you want to withdraw the money you’ve earned, you won’t be able to afford to withdraw it! !! Such a millionaire you will be! And the next two withdrawal options are a parody! Bank of Cyp… for each amount withdrawn you have to pay about 33% of the value from your pocket. So if you have £10k-11% commission on your account, simple calculation! almost 50% of your deposit! So if you would like to withdraw your deposit the next day for any reason, you have already lost 44% of your money! No control over the money you earn! Because the payment must be approved by an expert and an accountant. You can’t just withdraw your money whenever you want! you have to ask for it! The third option is to pay tax, which the accountant does not recommend for obvious reasons like tax fraud, so they only give you 2 options.
    There is one more thing worth mentioning, namely the “webinar for the poor”, in which the host urges the “poor” to take a loan! Then the expert suggests you take 30-50k£ and if you are wondering because you are not sure it starts to rule! “And he says that you are wasting his precious time” just like Mr. Markus my expert! The account is billed once a year! If you would like to withdraw from Medco services earlier, even if you paid £ 100, it costs £ 500 to close your account and if you do not pay, they will threaten you with special services, court and I was threatened with deportation!!! after which they will ignore your emails and any contact attempts (great experts won’t tell you about this when you create an account, they are only interested in the money you have!). If you would like to start with a small investment and work your way up, you are not profitable for a hungry expert and Medco. Your money, savings, loan from which you were persuaded and more in my eyes forced is not safe in their hands. In the end, it will turn out that you are a tax fraudster and you launder dirty money. The only winning earner millionaire will be Medco and you will be left with a loan to pay off. So learn from someone else’s mistakes and don’t let yourself be DECEIVED!

  2. I invested money with Medco finance limited. By experts I was forced to take lone 50k£ but last minute I changed my mind. I ask them to cash some of the profits before I take lone just in case if is something wrong. It was! no more expert, no more nice people, no more money! SCAM! Don’t take loans! Don’t be stupid! They are Scammers!

  3. I got exactly the same expirence with Medco finance limited! Exactly I just change my mind before I take lone and when I said I want to see profit on my personal account before I pay in more money every thing get changed! No more nice people! Who ever ride comment before me is hundred percent truthful! Don’t be stupid don’t get scammed!!! Don’t expect from Medco!

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