June 20, 2024

6 thoughts on “Lamelle Financial Consultants Limited Review

  1. Do not trade with these scammers, they will heat you up for money! They make it so that the trader loses money, and then they demand more money! Everything is clear here, these are scammers, not a broker!

  2. LAMELLE FINANCIAL – scoundrels and deceivers! None of what they say is true! The leverage offered is much higher! And the entry threshold is lowered! Because if you have $2,000 but don’t have $5,000, then what? Reject you?? No. I entered with $1040. Of course, part of it immediately went to insurance, to storage in a special safe account. Then they promised help and forecasts, but in fact they bled 400 dollars! And they stopped calling when I started making claims! Here is a reliable company for you. Complete divorce!

  3. These scammers first ingratiate themselves with you, wait until you send them a couple of thousand dollars, let them pretend to work for a couple of days, and then block your account without warning or giving a reason … I had 1300 left on my Lamelle Financial Consultants account, and The next day, I couldn’t even get in! The rest was never returned to me, so be careful

  4. LAMELLE FINANCIAL, I was scammed for $500, I wanted to give my grandchildren gifts for the new year, I wanted to withdraw what I earned on the platform, and then it all started, I still have to put in $300, then it will be possible to withdraw. I realized it was a scam.

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