December 7, 2023

10 thoughts on “KuCoin  Review

  1. ve been using kucoin for a while, its slow and the poor mans binance. It often took over 2 hours for it to withdraw my money on a fully verified account. Costing me several 100$ from the price falling while i waited to get my money to buy something. Ive never had to deal with such a slow platform before but its the only one that has small cap coins. How they scammed me is i sent BTT to my BTT wallet, over a hour later i wasn’t credited for it. So i messaged them, 11 days later. It took them almost 2 weeks for there first reply they told me it would charge me 100$ for them give me the money back. From a wallet with only the money i sent in it. because BTT had a fork to old and new BTT. And i send old BTT to the wallet. Which was labeled BTT which old BTT kept as its name. It had not warning it was for new only or any mention of a fork. I only found out after, and it still has no warning. So im sure they are scamming to this day in the same way.

  2. The absolute worst company I have ever dealt with and their support is just useless so don’t bother going to them with your issues because they couldn’t care less.

  3. Great looking software. What you think or believe are great ways to trade crypto. After 18 months I can 100% state that they do not care how they take your tokens. But they will. Dodgy as. Out right theft. Customer service is polite but ineffective and unyeilding.

  4. As far as I know, they don’t steal your money like some people here say. However they are a sketchy exchange. For example today I opened long on ICP at 8,0 with 20x leverage. So liquidation price would be 5% decline so 7.6. Then out of nose here I got a mail that my position was liquidated because the price dropped to 7,9 (?!!!!) and I lost the whole position size. This kind of things happen very often so if binance did not require ID I would immediately leave kucoin for binance again.

  5. Be careful with this platform! Their bots does not work as it should, their bots has many faults and continued to trade with losses for over an hour after it was closed, and when I reported this, their customer support they said nothing and they did nothing about it. so beware.

  6. I used the Kucoin P2P seller arrangement to sell some bitcoin. The buyer sent me the money via paypal and then requested a refund and disappeared. Kucoin’s P2P policy says that they will refund funds which have found to be malicious. They also acknowledge that it was a scam. But are telling me to request a refund from Paypal and call the police. They do not follow their own policies. NEVER USE THIS EXCHANGE!

  7. Kukoin is a scam future account stole my money without any respone. It close my order without toch liquid price.on 20 point different with liquid price. Stole my money

  8. I find it extremely hard to believe that every time i enter a short position on a coin thats been dumping it immediately start to trend reverse and go up 10-15 mins of me taking the position same when i enter a long position and it happens every time without fail i lost $1000s of dollars testing the theory im starting to think the charts that each person sees inside their account must be specially rigged… its got to be an illusion meant to look like the stock market but far more digitally manipulatable

  9. Recently I realized that Kucoin delisted SPI, which meant I could not sell my tokens, only withdraw them. I did not have a significant amount of tokens, so the withdrawal fees were quite high in relation to the withdrawal.
    Today I found out the same happen with Swiss Borg.
    I have 10 CHSB bought at 12 dollars. Today they are worth 2 dollars. Kucoin withdrawal costs 20 CHSB, so I guess Kucoin gets to keep them. Not a bad deal for them.
    I use at least 10 exchanges and this has only ever happened with Kucoin.
    When I told them about this they acted as if it was normal and if they did not realize why this was a problem.
    So, if you like having coins stuck on an Exchange and having to pay fees to withdraw them, in the best case scenario, Kucoin is your go-to Exchange.
    Good luck!

  10. They put my money on hold and I couldn’t access and what’s so annoying is that they ignore you like they don’t know what’s going on if not for Assetretrival.Com I will still be going through difficulties in recovering my money please be ware of this scams

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