May 18, 2024

3 thoughts on “JPBFX REVIEW

  1. JPBFX has put me and my family in real trouble. I am a father of many children, my wife died in childbirth. I worked constantly to provide for the children, my wife’s mother died and I also needed a nanny. There was a catastrophic lack of money, and in search of earnings, I stumbled upon JPBFX. They told me that my children would swim in gold after I started trading. They gave me the names of their clients, I googled, there really are such people and they really got rich on trading. I hung my ears, threw the money and away we go, pay the commission, pay the tax. In total, I have accumulated almost 6K dollars and I borrowed all this money. I started making good money and there was nothing to live for, so I wanted to withdraw some of the money. They started bullying me because I violated the terms of some kind of contract and I won’t see the money. I wrote, called, everywhere in an emergency! I hate! Now I will pay off the loan until the end of my days. Because of what, we and our children will have nothing to live for at all. Creatures!

  2. These cheaters seem to hypnotize. I threw in $10,000, I don’t know how. I only remember the call. A man named Alexander Potov talked to me, told me about this type of income as cryptocurrency. And then everything is in a fog. Only after a couple of hours I realized what was happening. I started to study their website, I immediately realized – a scam. There are no licenses, these documents are designed for a sucker. I think, okay, the money is in the account, you need to try to trade. It didn’t work out for me, the platform lags so that you only notice how the money burns out and that’s it. I went the next day and wanted to withdraw money, they demanded to go through verification again. I went through it three times. I was dynamized for three days, after that I realized that I would never see the money again. JPBFX are rock bottom brokers.

  3. classic scammer! reviews are all bought, it costs 100 rubles, so they can afford it. it’s good that I managed to throw less than $ 1000 before I realized that it was a fuck. don’t fall for this crap.

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