December 7, 2023

10 thoughts on “InvestMarkets Review

  1. I think that the major benefit for this brokerage service is their convenient web platform. Its cozy layout attracted me from the very beginning. Everything is easily accessible here. I mean all the necessary tools you might require in your daily trading such as technical indicators and the possibility to draw lines. What’s more, here you can very quickly shift between different assets in the left menu. In this regard, Metatrader looks very clumsy.

  2. I love that InvestMarkets pays so much attention to training materials. They have news straight from the New York Stock Exchange. There is also a service based on Artificial Intelligence. All in all, I’m all for cutting-edge technology in trading.

  3. My impression of trading with this brokerage company is quite positive. That’s what I can say after three months of trading with this broker. I know that if a broker is regulated by cySEC, then we have grounds to ascertain that it’s reliable because cySEC belongs to the group of respected regulators. InvestMarkets reviews brought me here.
    I can say that it’s just a regulated broker, but it’s already a big value for me because I know that it’s not a scam and it has been already proved by my trading here. If you are looking for special features, you will not find them here. Here you can find Metatrader and Webtrader. Spreads are quite high, not for scalpers, but if you trade on higher timeframes, this broker can suit you because it ensures really good execution. What’s more, I can say that I didn’t have withdrawal issues here that characterize it as a reliable partner. The minimum deposit here is $250. That’s not the smallest, but it’s fairly reasonable. I think most people can afford it.

  4. At first, I was afraid to join this broker because at first sight it seemed suspicious. However, my curiosity finally took over me and I registered a trading account there. By that time I had extra money and dared to risk. I don’t regret doing that.
    Trading gives me a thrill. I consider this to be an intellectual game where I can count on a reward if my forecast is right. I never use indicators because they distract me from thinking.

  5. I want to advise all traders to find a broker that has a license and that the broker is regulated by the financial commission. This is important for you to be confident and not worry about your money. After all, in this case, you and your account are insured. InvestMarkets is my broker. This broker is strictly regulated by the IFSC. This is the Belize Financial Commission. In addition to being reliable, this broker also provides good trading conditions. Here you can trade with a deposit of $ 250. This is a good chance for ordinary people to start using the services and opportunities of the Forex market! I want to say that InvestMarkets has a large selection of trading instruments and you can choose how you will make money!

  6. I have been working with InvestMarkets for over a year. Trading conditions are completely satisfactory: spreads are adequate, swaps are standard, slippage has not been encountered. In general, nothing supernatural, everything is like most.
    Cooperation is going smoothly. I trade, withdraw and never have any problems. Calls to replenish your account for trading are not annoying. Everything is convenient.

  7. I made up my mind to join this broker after I learned about the availability of a license. I never trade with a broker if it’s not regulated no matter how tempting features it offers. Everything is Ok with this broker in this regard, so I opened a Basic account here. By the way, regulated brokers never have problems with execution because top-tier liquidity providers prefer to work with regulated brokers.

  8. I opened a Basic account with the broker and trade on Metatrader 4. I know they good a very good web platform dubbed Webtrader, but it’s not for me. I even tried it. It’s very user-friendly but it doesn’t support custom indicators that I need every day. So, my choice is MT4. By the way, the broker ensures decent execution.

  9. I trade traditional forex majors here. The trading conditions are fine, even though sometimes I wish the spreads were tighter. On the other hand, no issues with correct and fast executions are totally worth it so I’ve never been disappointed with the service here.

  10. A friend of mine advised me to trade indices and cryptos here because the choice of these financial instruments is good with this broker. Once I came to the site and viewed the list of those assets on Webtrader it became evident that my friend was right. Besides this, I liked Webtrader. It’s no worse than MT. I mean it’s as functional as Metatrader and at the same time it’s much easier to use.

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