December 7, 2023

4 thoughts on “INVESTGT Review

  1. After graduating from university, I could not get a job for a long time. Finally found a job with a good salary. He saved some of his money for his business. I wanted to open a shawarma stall. So that the money does not lie idle, he put it into circulation. Namely, in InvestGT. For trust management. Started with just $500. I wanted to know exactly how the system would work. What can be said. It works, but not in my favor. A month later, I decided to contact the manager to find out how things were going with the deposit. Once they answered me, they even offered to replenish my account for another $1500. I refused, and I sensed something was wrong. I asked about the withdrawal, to which the manager replied that he would call back later. I have been waiting for a call for two months. I can’t call myself. I am very upset. I don’t have money for a lawyer. I’ll tell my parents – they’ll kill me. While looking for information on the Internet. Along the way, there are very few options to catch up with the money.

  2. For two years I learned to work on MT4. Studied stock and currency markets. I did not sleep at night, studied textbooks on economics and trading. And what the hell pulled me to open a deposit with an absolutely fraudulent office InvestGT?! Don’t know. To be honest, I’m still in shock. These bastards just replace quotes. I personally checked the readings with two more trading terminals. So, on normal programs, the chart was almost on a par with the market. For InvestGT scammers, it always went against my orders! Transactions were closed with such a delay that I went into a loss even on a potential profit. I’m sitting here thinking how to withdraw the balance of $752 back. Started with $1,000. I read online that this is a scam. I suspended trading while I am looking for a competent lawyer so that they don’t heat me up.

  3. Under the veneer of gold of the InvestGT project lies a very unsightly substance. She hides offshore and hides behind fake papers.

  4. They were greeted by clothes, they were also badly seen off. This joke just refers to our today’s patient. The site of the InvestGT website is a very beautiful wrapper, behind which an unsightly scam is hiding. The resource looks expensive and rich. If you have never dealt with a real business and successful people, then most likely you will believe the promises of InvestGT.

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