April 21, 2024

6 thoughts on “Habibi Real Estate Reviews

  1. Sergey Kosenko is a pseudo-millionaire and one of the most popular bloggers on the Runet, who currently has more than 5.5 million subscribers on Insta and hundreds of thousands more on Telegram. Kosenko’s project is an outright scam.
    The blogger treats his own audience with at least disdain. Just look at the famous interview with Kosenko, which was analyzed by all and sundry based on quotes. He seriously claims that he made his first million by renting out a cheap micro-earphone.
    Literally the entire biography of Sergei Kosenko consists of such nonsense and blunders. Judging by his words, the blogger makes money literally out of thin air, and is engaged in “educational” activities on channels and trainings solely because of his big heart.
    Reviews about Sergei Kosenko and Habibi Real Estate are extremely devastating. Demand is low, and the blogger himself couldn’t even get his real estate business going properly. This has nothing to do with standard business risks. Every franchise from Kosenko is a banal scam.

  2. Don’t be fooled by Habibi Real Estate because they simply take an advance payment but they simply don’t have any real estate properties. Habibi Real Estate is a scam!

  3. I was interested in one of their offers for the sale of an apartment in Dubai. When asked if it was possible to come and see the property, they answered that it was currently under construction. I thought it might actually be possible. Then they simply offered me several investment proposals ranging from $100,000. Trusting them, I signed the contract and transferred the funds. This was supposed to be the first payment for this apartment. After the transfer they stopped communicating, they only wrote “Wait until the facility is completed.” I did not receive any documents from them. I fell for the cheap tricks of managers and the popularity of Sergei Kosenko. Do not trust Habibi Real Estate (https://habibirealestate.ru/) because they’re scammers!!!

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