May 21, 2024


  1. I’m still only looking at GoldberryCo and have not yet decided whether to register here or look for another broker to cooperate with. In general, the conditions on the platform suit me, but I need to check the company in action, but here they don’t let me practice on a demo (((I’ll follow the reviews, and only then I’ll make a decision.

  2. These swindlers called me several times and offered cooperation. However, I already have experience in trading in the financial markets, so I immediately became interested in where the copies of legal documents were and why real clients write all sorts of nasty things. This is where our communication with GoldberryCo ended. The swindlers realized that they could not shake a penny out of me.

  3. I am personally ready to recommend this broker even to beginners, because GoldberryCo provides high-quality support and an intelligent terminal that another one can easily figure out. The platform works without bugs, the execution of transactions is fast.

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