May 18, 2024

3 thoughts on “Financial Focus LTD Review

  1. Let’s analyze Financial Focus LTD scam. Firstly, the office did not even indicate the address of its registration, which I encounter for the first time. It is possible that the address is somewhere in the depth of the site, but verified companies always indicate it in contacts, or at the bottom of the main page, so that you can quickly break through this data and make sure that the company really exists. Secondly, like any brokerage company, this company must obtain a license from regulators to conduct brokerage activities, this license is not available, a serious drawback. Thirdly, the brokers on the site must indicate the date of foundation – here again, nothing at all. And the description “about the company” itself does not contain anything specific, useful, or necessary. It’s just a bunch of phrases and sentences. Fourth, it is important to understand what model the company operates on – B-Book or A-Book? The second option is preferable, because this is a real mediation, transactions are brought to the real market. But here is clearly the first option, in which transactions are not brought to the real market, but remain inside the “kitchen”. So what happens? And it turns out such a not very conclusion that there are huge suspicions that this is simply a non-existent broker, because he doesn’t have a license, he doesn’t even have a registration address. And about the fact that the description does not indicate anything about the activities of the company, including the way of doing business and the term of work, this only adds to the negative towards Financial Focus LTD.

  2. There is nothing to do here, friends and fellow traders. A little about myself – I am a trader with 10 years of experience, I conduct my own training courses, I work with students. So I have something to write about Financial Focus Ltd. One of my students, still quite new on the market, who did not really understand and did not understand anything, trusted this black office. I invested 100k here to try to earn money. This was before he came to me for training. As a result, the person safely lost all this money, he could not even withdraw a penny back. He lost more than 50k on trading, he wanted to save the other half, he did not want to lose all the funds. And of course, this fraudulent organization refused to withdraw funds from him. All you need to know about this scam is that they do not withdraw money back. And it doesn’t matter if it’s your earnings from trading or it’s your own money that you deposited on the deposit balance. Refuse to withdraw in full. And they do it stupidly – they don’t withdraw everything. And you can no longer contact them. Here, my student first “bought” experience for 100k, that you can’t trust anyone on the Internet, and then he just came to me for training, and there he told me about this fraudulent scheme. If he’d come early, he’d have learned that you can’t trade in such companies, it’s without a license, without segregated accounts and insurance, without offices and branches, without a name, without a brand. In short, there are no guarantees here, not to mention terrible trading conditions.

  3. I have invested a lot. It’s time to display … pressed the wrong button! I’m sure I didn’t touch it … .. I went minus £ 3996. The application for withdrawal was made, because of the minus it was suspended. It is necessary to cover the difference (3996) and only then the conclusion. …..I won’t go for it! Was waiting for something like this!

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