May 21, 2024

2 thoughts on “Exness Review

  1. I’m convinced that this forex broker’s primary goal is to drain you of every last cent and leave you in ruins. Their platform is a marvel of manipulation – trades that show promise quickly turn into disasters due to mysterious ‘technical glitches.’ Their support team is remarkably unhelpful, always ready to shirk responsibility for their platform’s failures. But what truly sets this broker apart is their withdrawal process, a Kafkaesque nightmare where your requests vanish into thin air, and your funds remain trapped. It’s as if they derive sadistic pleasure from seeing their clients suffer. Stay away if you have any intention of safeguarding your financial future.

  2. Dealing with this forex broker has been an exercise in frustration and despair. It’s clear that their intentions are far from honest. Their platform operates like a rigged game – trades that should be profitable are manipulated to result in losses. It’s like they have a personal vendetta against your success. Their account managers are pushy and relentless, always trying to get you to deposit more funds. When you try to get help or raise concerns, their customer support is nothing but a brick wall. And if you think you can escape their clutches by withdrawing your funds, think again. Their withdrawal process is a labyrinthine journey designed to test your patience and break your spirit. Save yourself the agony and avoid this broker like the plague.

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