December 7, 2023

10 thoughts on “Exmo Review

  1. What I learned while using Exmo is that their server is always dead or down due to some issues whenever I am trying to reach out to their site I feel that there are several things missing from their site.

  2. If you have money in EUR with EXMO it’s almost impossible to recover them. They only offer 2 possibilities to withdraw money:
    – CryptoCapital
    – EX Code
    CryptoCapital does not accept new accounts and are known for some issues with crypto account holders.
    EX Code is just an internal currency used by Exmo.
    So to withdraw your EUR you will need to convert them first to EX Code, then find an exchange accepting your useless EX Codes to SEPA/EUR or VISA/EUR or similar, with high conversion fees.
    Accept you will loose money with them for sure.

  3. The support are awesome! Faster then other exchanges (bitmex, binance, oKEX) One thing that it’s unable to deposit or withdraw fiat currencies in mobile app.

  4. An excellent cryptocurrency exchange is better than many others. With this application, it became more convenient to control the cryptocurrency rate wherever I am. It works stably, the menu and management are conveniently organized. I put 5+ Thank you.

  5. Just an amazing platform. The perfect website. I have sat on many similar platforms and this one has the lowest withdrawal commission of only 0.1%. I also really liked the mobile application, it made it very easy for me to work on the site now I could monitor my accounts even through the phone and I didn’t have to wait half a year for the site to load through the browser. As I have already said, the site is just perfect, the support service is proof of this: once I had a block on the withdrawal of funds and I was seriously scared because this had never happened before and the withdrawal amount was significant, but I immediately wrote to the support service and everything was correctly explained to me, it turns out there was a regular failure and because of this, small problems with the withdrawal and soon everything was fixed and I was able to withdraw money. Thanks to the site and especially to the support service

  6. A great platform, here you can really make exchange transactions with high speed and low commission, I recommend contacting them, your funds will be safe there, and the service will be able to help you!

  7. I would like to note and tell a little about exmo technical support. Always respond quickly and clearly. Polite staff. Respect is huge!

  8. The best exchange for the first investment in crypto. The interface is intuitive. As a beginner, it was easy for me to buy BTC with just a couple of clicks.

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