May 18, 2024

3 thoughts on “CREX24 Review

  1. Worked a couple of times. Great Danes were credited from stock exchange to stock exchange for a long time, I transferred with Great Danes for the first time, maybe I don’t know all the nuances. But, replenished the classic with ether, it flew very quickly.

  2. Crex was scammed for money, or is it just me that’s so lucky? Replenished the account, but the money did not come, replenished through the card. I wrote to the support service, they did not resolve my issue in any way. I lost time, money and nerves …

  3. Guys, the stock market is screwed up. After several months of work, he transferred money, and they have not credited the payment for 11 days. Support writes standard phrases, they say, the issue is being resolved. The transfer was through QIWI. QIWI support said that the payment was credited to them instantly. If you want to lose money, then go ahead and with a song!

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