July 15, 2024

5 thoughts on “CoinsBank Review

  1. They falsely charged $403 as a non-existent “ATM withdrawal”, then caused me to wait over 60 days when they first promised “30 days wait”… and still no refund!

  2. Scam

    long story , withdrawal wont get processed and thousands of exucses and proofs they want. i provded everything im level 4 and even provided additional documents

    complain with evedince is sent to the supervisionary authority of estonia.

    lawyer is also taking action now.

  3. Do not go down this road. Thanks to revolt se al. tech who saved me from totally loosing out over $60,000 and I know it would have been another situation if I had not gotten any help from them.

  4. SCAMMERS RUN! I REPORTED RO THE POLICE AND FRAUD TEAM. THEY took my.money and refuse to refund and the staff are very rude OF because they are all criminals!! Now they calling me again asking if I have a computer to refund me. I tould I dont have and dispute the money from the credit card

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