June 20, 2024

5 thoughts on “Cambridge Asset Management Review

  1. This is a fraud/scam trading platform. This came to me via the interest I registered on Tesla coin auto trading software which was advertised to earn you big returns on your investment. So this Tesla Coin thing is the bait to hook you into different fraud companies and Cambridge Asset Management is one of them. I have lost over $8k USD. They set up your account and allocate an account manager to assist you along the journey for three months which sounds very good. The account manager’s duty from day one is to send you different bank accounts to deposit money in. First they tried to persuade you to deposit at least 5000usd to trade and earn profit at a comfort level and then to draw more money from you as some promotions you can’t miss from their company. For me they give 30% bonus on the money I deposited for promoting Ethereum. At the mean time they show you the profit they have made on your account everyday to prove they are good at it. So big equity and earn more profit. What would you expect if it’s a forged trading platform and all profit made are from fake transactions. They love you to transfer money to them via Transferwise account as the banks will stop you from further transfers. Watch out from experience and please don’t send them any money. Don’t let them use AnyDesk app to look your screen and don’t give them your ID and credit card details. They will steel your money as much as they can immediately without any notice.

  2. This company Cambridge asset management is not a legit trading platform it is fake. It is a SCAM. DON’T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. IT IS UNREGULATED. THESE REVIEWS ARE FAKE.

  3. Absolute scam use Quantum AI as a way to try and get your money they got $250 out of me and had the cheek to try and get me to invest 10k. I had call after call from Australian numbers I told them if they ever called me again I would pass the phone numbers onto the federal police the calls stopped. I have since changed my credit card to prevent them getting any access to my accounts. My bank is investigating I hope I get the $250 back. If they call just mention the federal police and you wont hear from the scammers again they are good but they are also cowards. Have asked for my money to be returned less than 1 week before any money was lost due to there so called investing and they refused and ignored my requests.

  4. I would be in debt if not for℉ree Land Pyle. This is a dead zone, they’ll take from you and make you feel like a fool at the end,

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