September 22, 2023

2 thoughts on “BTCSALE (BTCSALE.BIZ) Review

  1. At the moment of pressing the button in BTCSALE (BTCSALE.BIZ) to create an exchange, the conditions change, to a less favorable rate, made a screen recording, there are proofs. At the time of the creation of the application, the rate is 76.37 per usdt, after clicking the button to create an exchange, the rate becomes 76.26. It is ugly to change the terms of exchange half way.

  2. I just made two exchanges of BTCSALE for 450usdt trc20 for alpha through this exchanger, for different cards. When you enter the amount of usdt for the exchange and enter the card and write to apply, the exchange rate changes to another, less profitable one. The first time I noticed this, the rate was 76.36, and at the time of the exchange it was below 76.26. I thought maybe I was wrong and decided to make a screen recording for the second exchange and indeed – you enter the amount of usdt, the rate is 76.37, after you enter the card number and click to create an application, and at that moment the rate becomes 76.26.

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