December 7, 2023

4 thoughts on “BRICKXCOINFX Review

  1. With an office like this, you can lose everything. These breds pressed me to the last. I fell for it because I wanted to make money trading. The first transactions were successful, which motivated me to invest a larger amount. It was the biggest mistake! I did not know that the office only imitates the trading process. As soon as a large amount appeared on the balance sheet, all transactions went into a hard minus. I lost my savings and it’s useless to argue. The office has complete chaos with legal documents, as it turned out. It is useless to turn to regulators for justice.

  2. How many times have I seen a warning not to invest with an offshore broker? A bunch of times! But I decided to take the risk anyway and contacted BRICKXCOINFX. Now I regret it, because the intermediary deceived me and is now freezing cold. How to reach out to his conscience to return at least the initial deposit? I have already lost my last hope.

  3. Hi all! These are 100% scammers, I also ran into them. Now I have returned at least part of the money, I continue to fight these cattle. Now with the guys at the stage of launching a criminal case.

  4. People, help someone advice. For the first time I fell into the bait of swindlers and now I don’t know how to get out of the debt hole. There is no money left at all. I have a meager salary as a crane operator at a metalwork factory, and I have two children and a mortgage…. In complete despair. To others I want to give only one advice – stay away from these breeders. They won’t let you make money.

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