December 7, 2023

6 thoughts on “BitMEX Review

  1. Known manipulators and deceivers. Here the casino is 100%, it is impossible to win. You put a stop loss – you are knocked out by a stop, necessarily, because Bitmex knows where all the stops are. You play against the exchange, although all the advantages, all the weapons are on the side of the exchange, and you have nothing, as if naked. Using high leverage is equivalent to tossing a coin, where it is known for sure that the coin will land in such a way that the bitmex will still be in the black. Yes, you can earn super money in some period, but in the long term, trading here, you will still merge everything to zero, I have already gone through this

  2. Trading here is very difficult. Better try on other exchanges, here trading is very similar to a casino, about one to one. Lucky no luck. Unlucky – will wash away almost the entire account, lucky – you can double.

  3. For those who trade here – withdraw while there is something to withdraw. You will either merge everything yourself, or the exchange will be hacked and your money will be stolen. One of the two, but here you definitely will not earn, take my word for it.

  4. I don’t trade here. Climbed somehow, on one hard strait, my stop was not touched, but it was liquidated, Thanks to the beatmex and Arthur Hayes for shaving me. I don’t go anymore because it’s a scam

  5. Fraudsters!!! Kicked me out of their exchange!! Well, at least I was lucky that they gave me time to close positions and withdraw funds. I just somehow go to the exchange as usual, and there is a huge banner on the whole screen, ala “we suspect you that you are in a restricted area, so we are blocking your account”, “you have a few days to close all positions and withdraw funds, after which we will close your account and the funds will be lost. That’s what “good morning” was waiting for me then!! They acted dirty

  6. arrogant manipulators and deceivers. just take it and draw. as soon as I enter a trade, the price immediately goes against me! knocks out my stop and turns around. this happens in 70% of transactions. and if you do not put stops, you will catch the liquidation, and this is even worse. such truth about bitmex. a lot of people noticed it, not only me

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