December 7, 2023

10 thoughts on “Bitfinex  Review

  1. After being scammed on binance I stopped dealing with crypto at all, then my friend introduced me to bitfinex and really wanted me to start trading on it, my reaction now that I’ve been with them for more than 2 months is that they are the best, their support answers really fast, they have lots of high quality assets available with low fees and to top it off there’s no scams due to their 2FA authentication on the accounts, great job!

  2. Hello. I would like to describe my latest BitFinex experience.

    After requesting withdraw i was emailed by somebody from BitFinex, that they are closing my account in 14 days, and i need to remove my asstets otherwise they will be frozen.

    I tried to do it twice. By BitFinex was canceling my withdraw request. I was forced by BitFinex to do it via Digital assets, wich i needed to buy on bitfinex AGAIN after i sold them, transfer on other exchange and sell.

    This resulted in loss of 3160 USD.

    Just to let You know i did nothing bad in there. I was proposing that i can provide them with any documents they want.

    With no anwser…

  3. I would stay far away from Bitfinex, I’ve traded on the website for years and I’ve been stopped out multiple times by scam wicks. Most specifically today, They shot XRP prices up 17% for a split second to stop out / liquidate traders, meanwhile not a single other exchange had any sort of increase in price. 17%!!!!! Absolute market manipulation to screw over their traders. I have moved all of my money from the exchange and refuse to ever trade there again.

    You have been warned.

  4. In the middle of November I deposited several tokens and alt coins in the Bitfinex exchange. Without even sending me an email ( they only published an information within their exchange ) they delisted several coins giving only 15 days to be able to withdraw them ( as if each person had to check daily what they decide to do, absurd !). Moral of the story, without having been informed, I found myself without my tokens in my wallet, in my opinion a real theft.
    I intend to take legal action against Bitfinex and I recommend you not to use an exchange that does not safeguard the assets of its customers.
    Christian Grimaccia – Lawyer

  5. Bitfinex continues to time and time again set itself apart from the competition, always one step ahead and never giving their innovation and research any rest. You should always strive to improve, and Bitfinex does this continuously. My choice of exchange, without a doubt.

  6. Great platform, but they need to improve or dedicate more resources to the lending pro section. I’ve had back and forth emails exchanged with support where they have told me it’s a known issue and they are working on it. I would have given 5 stars but this issue is very annoying and has affected my returns, since the lending pro section has not been working or populating properly. Shame.

  7. I had to contact team support and they was very helpful and professional. I like so much Bitfenix which will be the biggest exchange site in the future if the support team still help like this.
    Thank you again and wish all the best to customers and all the best to Bitfinex team.

  8. Without warning or justification Bitfinex locked all of my account activity and are asking for information that does not exist in order to get it back. Other exchanges have odious KYC processes but this is on a whole other level. AVOID at all costs

  9. My wire transfers problem by using OpenPayd has been solved very quickly and with great care and excellent support from Bitfinex customer service. The only thing I like to see for further improving the customer experience, if there is a way for the customer to see and access your pending Bitfinex tickets.

  10. Just signed up and had technical issues. Support was on point and escalated the matter to tech. I would have to say that this has been the fastest and best support I’ve ever received. My compliments to both the support and tech team, this is how it should be.

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