May 18, 2024

2 thoughts on “AximTrade Review

  1. I can’t believe the level of deception and manipulation I’ve experienced with this forex broker. Their platform is a rigged game – trades that should succeed are systematically sabotaged through inexplicable price fluctuations. It’s clear they have a vested interest in your failure. Their ‘account managers’ are nothing but smooth-talking salespeople, always pressuring you to deposit more funds. When you seek assistance or raise concerns, their support team is quick to deflect and evade. But the pinnacle of their dishonesty is their withdrawal process, a labyrinth designed to make you feel like a criminal for trying to access your own money. This broker preys on trust and hope, only to crush them with their deceitful practices.

  2. I have nothing but contempt for this forex broker and their shameless manipulation tactics. Their platform is a travesty – trades that should go smoothly are marred by inexplicable execution delays and slippage. It’s almost as if they have a vendetta against your success. Their ‘experts’ offer advice that’s more likely to lead to losses than profits, and their customer support is a lesson in indifference. But the apex of their manipulation is their withdrawal process – a twisted maze of bureaucracy and excuses designed to make you doubt your own sanity. This broker is a stain on the forex industry and a master of exploitation.

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