May 21, 2024

12 thoughts on “ reviews. Car dealership How to avoid pitfalls and disappointments when choosing a car.

  1. The worst company I have ever dealt with! They require an advance payment, promising you reliable delivery of the car, but in reality they do nothing. My car never arrived and I lost money. completely ignores customers after receiving money. These are scammers and I hope they are charged with fraud. I do not recommend anyone to deal with them!

  2. is a completely unreliable company. They failed to live up to their responsibilities and refused to help when I had problems with my purchase. I don’t recommend it!

  3. Exporting cars to Russia from is a real nightmare. They demand an advance payment and promise you stars from the sky, but after payment they turn out to be completely unresponsive. I waited for months to receive my car and ended up being disappointed. They have no control over the delivery process, and your car may simply get lost along the way. I will never deal with this company again!

  4. turned out to be an absolutely unreliable company! My attempt to purchase a car through them ended in financial disaster. They presented the car as perfect, but it turned out to be a complete failure.

  5. After the deal with, my car became a real headache. Turns out they weren’t telling me there was a serious problem with the transmission and now I’m going to have to spend a ton of money on repairs.

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