July 15, 2024

3 thoughts on “ARVR GROUP REVIEW

  1. Here are the numbers of these scammers, +447469621793 Maxim Sergeevich Dyryavy, 89012487421 Evgeny Vladimirovich Petukhov. Don’t get fooled. +33758241534 this is allegedly a manager, 89619063074 also their employee appears to be Ilya Sudochkin, these are all scammers, they deceived many acquaintances. I leave my contact number 89085781578

  2. I am very pleased that I chose this particular broker and not any other, although I considered various options. Now it remains to collect some money in order to switch to a more profitable tariff plan, such opportunities are available. As for payment discipline, I have already checked it. The broker pays no questions asked.

  3. This organization deals only with international terrorism of finance, extortion and pressure on the client by all means of deception

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