May 21, 2024


  1. The project is created by Sergey Kosenko, a well-known infogypsy and bred, so it will never be surprising if everyone who invests in it receives REKT. In fact, this topic will not take off anymore. Look now what is happening with the flagship of this industry, StepN, it is going to the bottom. People who came in the last month and a half simply did not even have time to recapture their investments, now their payback is 1-2 months, it is not even 4-5 months. God forbid, by the end of 2022, people will recoup their investments. Otherwise, it is possible that by the end of the year the price of tokens for which people go will fly further down. As it was with the LUNA token in May, when its price fell from $100 to $0.00001.

  2. Harout Nazaryan is a well-known investor who independently made a name for himself by participating in blockchain projects as a founder and PR manager. The young man belongs to the cohort of “golden youth” and shares information with fans on the peculiarities of earning money in the crypto industry, but the true goals of gratuitous assistance remain a mystery.

  3. According to open sources, the blogger is the creator of two cryptocurrency startups — the investment project Morningstar Ventures and the centralized exchange Bistox Exchange, created in November 2019. The businessman invests in third-party blockchain projects, most of which do not show stable financial results over the past month.

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