December 7, 2023

4 thoughts on “WORLD FOREX Review

  1. In the “Contacts” section, the scammers decided to show the addresses of all their fake companies – apparently, for greater impressiveness.

  2. World Forex is gradually draining the deposit. First, the trader is allowed to earn, but then the terminal starts to freeze, and the payout percentage decreases. As we warned above, technical support explains such situations by low volatility. Naturally, it is impossible to prove your case.

  3. Back in 2012, someone left a negative comment about World Forex activities. According to the author, this is just an ordinary forex kitchen that screwed up options in order to scam as many people as possible. The fact is that transactions are not displayed on the interbank market, which means that the money remains in the system and is controlled by the scammers themselves.

  4. Personal account can hardly be called functional. The user can replenish the account, use bonuses and verify the account. Links to trading platforms are located on the official website of World Forex and are not indicated in the account.

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