December 7, 2023

8 thoughts on “V5 FOREX GLOBAL Review

  1. V5 Forex Global is definitely not trustworthy. But it is better to personally study all the necessary information. And then make the final decision. Well, if there is an opportunity to ask for help.

  2. Reviews about V5 Forex Global help to make the final decision. And it certainly won’t be for the better.

  3. There is a high probability that V5 Forex Global is using fake information. Graphs with statistics are present, but they are only drawn and created artificially. There comes a time when customers are persuaded to increase their investment. After all, the market is supposedly developing a corresponding situation. It is after this decision that the broker finally breaks all connections and stops responding. The user can only contact by e-mail.

  4. The company has already been blacklisted wherever possible. They have been swindling clients for some time using standard schemes. First, social networks are checked, where you can find gullible customers. Or choose phone numbers suitable for calling. The main thing is to collect at least a few tens of thousands of rubles.

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