December 7, 2023

5 thoughts on “MONTANA TRADING LTD Review

  1. The company was just born… I looked when they registered their domain, and oh my god, it was last month… there’s nothing to even consider what they offer there… the company is no more than a month, well, maybe a little more, and such offices are not no way you can trust money… it’s too dangerous and risky, it’s not worth it… I even think there is a 100% chance that they will steal your money….

  2. And the conditions? There is no desire to even comment here. Some damn commissions of 2.5%, tight restrictions, limits and other game. Tin of course, any other broker will be 100 times more profitable. I certainly cannot recommend Montana Trading LTD to anyone. Some kind of crazy and garbage forex office.

  3. Montana Trading LTD will not let you withdraw. Moreover, there will be no attempts to merge you. You just give your money to scammers, and they stupidly immediately take this money for themselves, that’s all.

  4. a fresh and simple scam with a fake brokerage center. There are no trading services here and there is no market either.

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