December 7, 2023

4 thoughts on “KUNA Review

  1. Fraudsters and bred, the withdrawal of funds is built on fraud. When contacting those support silently, you have to wait for an hour. Everything is made specially. I do not recommend it completely. office bottom

  2. Fraudsters. At first, they used some kind of murky pretext about an allegedly dubious transaction, requested screenshots with explanations, and did not return the money. Then they stopped responding altogether.

  3. The company will not fulfill its direct obligations to customers – at least they do not pay money. And going deeper, you can understand that they do not shy away from ignoring their users. As it turned out – no regulator, no registration, nothing. The company is a banal dummy, which should not have access to money at all (even to cryptocurrency). At least until they have a legal basis.

  4. The interface is unfinished, there are few pairs.
    A little steam is fine. I only went here because the referrer promised easy Fiat input from cards.
    In fact, I’m stuck on verification. There is simply no “verify account” button in the interface. When you try to enter, sometimes a link pops up, sometimes not.
    I was denied verification twice on the basis of fuzzy photos, I made a scan and now for the third time I can’t stupidly find where to send the scan.
    Why is the verification link hidden if it is vital?
    Double and sorry.
    Ps. They want a minimum of 500 characters for a review. OK. I was also promised gifts in connection with the fifth anniversary of the exchange. It turned out that this was only for Ukrainians. Do you need others? Well, sit in one Ukraine instead of capturing the entire post-Soviet market.

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