December 7, 2023

4 thoughts on “ES TIME Review

  1. The history of this project has been preserved in the web archive. As it turned out, at the end of December 2022, the domain was being sold, and no one had bought it for several years before. Thanks to this, the scammers got the site for mere pennies.

  2. From the contact details on the ES Time web resource, there is a fake phone number and address in Cyprus. In fact, all that remains for traders to communicate with support is email. The email address is working, but what’s the use of it? In the reviews, real customers note that scammers need it only to find out personal data from investors, and then fill it with spam. No one will help with the solution of financial and technical issues.

  3. Once again I was convinced that if you are persistently offered some kind of product that should bring you profit, then you should not get into it. And so it happened with ES TIME, representatives of the non-broker wrote to me on Vkontakte, offered to make good money, but decided not to delve into the details. And later, when they finally got my deposit of 1000 bucks, they blocked the account and blacklisted me on the social network. Arrogant scam, but apparently effective

  4. When I first met the intermediary, he seemed to me at least promising, which will help achieve financial well-being. I have never been so wrong. Later it turned out that the company belongs to scammers, and my $ 2,000, which I invested at the start, can no longer be returned. They will not release your money, no matter how hard you try and persuade them through support. If they decide to cash in on you, then there will be no turning back. You can read other reviews yourself, everyone complains about the impossibility of withdrawing from ES TIME.

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