December 7, 2023

4 thoughts on “BITMART Review

  1. 12 days withdrew money from this so-called crypto-exchange. Although Bitmart exchange looks attractive at first glance, it actually has a lot of trading instruments, including futures. Commissions are also normal, but as soon as you start withdrawing funds, “carousels” immediately begin. More than a foot on this stock exchange definitely!

  2. I do not recommend this exchange. Of course, they withdraw funds, but the fact that they don’t normally give trade is a fact. When you have made a deal and you want to close the position, if the position is profitable, they may not let you close it. In general, requotes are made on the Bitmart crypto exchange, i.e., judging by that. that this only applies to profitable positions, these requotes are done on purpose, which means that the exchange works on the principle of the so-called forex dealers and binary options, where there are no real buyers and sellers, which is why I withdrew all the funds from the exchange when I realized this.

  3. How to accept deposits like this in 5 minutes, but the second time I wait for a withdrawal for more than 5 hours. I do not advise .. Many people complain about the conclusion. Disgusting!

  4. I can’t get my money back. I came to the project at the invitation of my friend, who was able to withdraw money. I could not. They started asking for verification. After that, taxes must be paid. Amount 30000.
    Fraudsters. Didn’t return the money. I ended up paying $600.

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