December 7, 2023

4 thoughts on “BITHUMB Review

  1. Carefully considering the reviews about the Bithumb exchange, having also checked the operation of the site in practice, we can say that it has disadvantages

  2. Chasing security, the exchange has made it so difficult to work with clients that it is simply unrealistic to actively use the platform and make a profit from it. Although the reviews of Koreans and Japanese about Bithumb are not the worst, after analyzing the site realistically, it is impossible to recommend it for cooperation. In addition, hacks on the site continue again, and logging into your account even after registration is almost impossible.

  3. Only financial losses, at least for me it was. It is not clear where the deposit on pairs with Bitcoin and Lite has gone, that is, the money has really disappeared. They said that it was some kind of glitch, and that everything was fixed. So where did my money go? Why is there no return?!

  4. trading is allowed exclusively in South Korean currency, and the exchange of another currency for it is paid

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