December 6, 2023

4 thoughts on “BIT.TRADE Review

  1. Gentlemen, swindlers, but where are any contacts? Apparently the creators of the project think that they have already described the whole essence in detail. Why extra questions. But of course this is sarcasm. Indeed, on all official sites, there is always the opportunity to contact the administration and ask her all your questions. And a similar function, remember, should be available before registration. The Bitbon system is supposedly a system based on blockchain technologies.

  2. What could be wrong with this system? And why we don’t recommend it. In fact, the creators are actively promoting and advertising, the usual financial pyramid, served under a beautiful sauce. And it will not be forgotten that the creators of these projects have a very bad reputation. And the reviews about their various projects are extremely negative.

  3. The Bit.Trade project is supposedly a digital asset exchange. But in fact, this exchange exists only in the inflamed brain of the authors.

  4. the creators of Bit.Trade are the same people who created UBK Market. And basically nothing has changed. Here you will again be told all sorts of nonsense, if only you invested your money.

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